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Download PlayBox HD for iOS 9 without Jailbreak


Getting an application on your mobile phone that can entertain you with its unbelievable features, is near to impossible. While there are amazing number of game apps available for entertainment, we have very less applications available for movie downloaders.

There are applications for movie downloading, some have stopped working and some still persist, PlayBox HD is app that is still available in the digital market, working unexpectedly well on all devices.

PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD is an app that still persist in the market due to its flexible features and comfortable user interface. It not only allows you to watch movies and series for free, PlayBox HD also enables you to download a whole tv series, songs, choose resolution for movies and etc in one go. These features are quite basic for any movie downloader available in the store.  

Users can watch movies, videos and listen to songs wherever they want. It is simple and easy to understand. Other feature that will really impress you is its HD quality and high speed. It downloads movies and tv shows in almost no time. Well, this is what every user want, What do you think?

Where you can get entertained with PlayBox HD users can also use it as a distractor for their kids. Parents can download cartoon series and movies, make their children watch them. This makes the child busy in watching the movie and you can finish your work freely.

PlayBox HD is quite safe and secure, there is no tension of virus or annoying advertisement popping up during your movie time.  

These were some features that really urge people to download the app right away. But, there are some restrictions and limitations to it.

Play stores or app stores do not permit few video downloaders to run through these stores. Therefore, users need to download these application from various website portals like uptodown, Mobago, apkpolice, apkmirror and 9apps.

Download PlayBox HD for iOS 9

Downloading PlayBox HD on iOS 9 without Jailbreak is quite easy and simple. There are few steps to follow and then you are done.

To download PlayBox HD in iOS 9, users need to download vShare on their mobile. Run it once and follow the instructions on the screen. Open vShare and download PlayBox HD via vShare. Now you can install the application and enjoy your day.


Now you don’t need to Jailbreak your phone to download an application. For iOS 9.1 users, without jailbreak option is not available due to Apple’s strict rules, but iOS 9 users can download PlayBOX HD without jailbreak.

Therefore, if MovieBox HD is not working PlayBox HD is a great option to follow. Please try the app on your phone and let us know your experience with PlayBox HD.